COVID-19 Basic Health and Safety Practices


Boothbay Harbor Marina Workers and Boaters


Our marina is a place that has brought joy into our lives every summer. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our boating family. Providing a safe environment is our top priority. We are monitoring the continuously changing situation, and adhering to the guidelines set forth by the State of Maine and the CDC which allow us to be open. To ensure safe distancing, our office will be off limits to the public. Boaters needing assistance while on site may connect with us via VHF, phone, text or email. 

We are grateful to all the amazing people out there working everyday to keep us safe and healthy.

For everyone's safety boaters and guests, please join our crew in adhering to these safety protocols


  • The office is closed to visitors. Please hail on Channel 9, call, text or email
  • Maintain 6 feet physical distancing from marina personnel and fellow boaters other than your boating companions
  • Give each other space, do not walk onto finger float or ramp until someone else has vacated the space 
  • In accordance with State requirements, masks or other recommended face covering must be worn when physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain 
  • Do not congregate on the docks or at the top of the ramp 
  • Minimize helping each other with dock lines unless there is a risk of damage or injury. Adhere to social distancing protocols
  • Keep pets leashed
  • Ice from the ice machine is not for human consumption, cooler use only
  • Bathrooms will be closed until further notice. Laundry will be available. Please sanitize buttons and knobs before and after use. 
  • The picnic table is for crew use only
  • Hands should be washed frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer regularly
  • Please stay home if you feel ill or have a fever

Thank you for your patronage and cooperation in keeping all of us safe.


Kim and Chris

207-633-6003 (office)

207-671-5916 (cell)